Glenmont - Review & Testimonial

We are a full-service digital agency providing web design, development, SEO, and additional services in the field.

As ADA lawsuits started to rise, we began to look for a service that could solve compliance issues for our clients.

We scheduled a demo with Charles from accessiBe back in July 2019. The technology and their unique approach to addressing compliance issues were very impressive. We were sold. It was clear accessiBe was the right way to go and we joined their partner program on the spot. accessiBe’s platform is now part of what we offer to all of our customers.

Since taking on the solution, we’ve had several interactions with accessiBe’s team. They are always responsive, friendly, and service-oriented.

accessiBe’s partner program has been great for our business model. ADA compliance is in big demand, and the program has a whole slew of benefits including sales commissions.

Today, we have already signed up several clients with accessiBe, and are projecting to add dozens more in the coming months!

Peter Polgar,
Founder & CEO