Sara-Mai Reyes Escoto - Review & Testimonial

Hi, Sarah, how are you?

I'm good.

How are you?

I'm Great. Thanks so much. I'm just thrilled to be able to be here. So we have a few questions for you. Number one, what made you look for a web accessibility solution for your clients?

Okay. So we were initially asked to do a website for a government body, and obviously, they have to be WCAG compliant. So it got us looking into, okay, well, a lot of our customers are going along the more corporate route now, they're expanding them, obviously through SEO that they're getting a lot more visitors.

So, how could we make their websites accessible? So it was something that came up, and I

discussed it with my clients just briefly. And it was something that they were quite interested in. Then, digging into the subject a bit more, I realized how complex it is and how much of almost a wormhole it’s to get into. So I was looking for a solution, an obvious, I came across accessiBe and many other competitors, of course. And I just thought that just for the price point, Just for the support alone, only the AI side of it, it just seemed like a no brainer really to go with the accessiBe.

Thank you. Why is it so important for you to make your clients' websites accessible?

I think that to exclude a whole group of people from a website is just wrong.

Just point-blank. I mean, I don't think it goes further than that. It's that if you have somebody that can't go on your website and just simply purchase your product, whether it's a jacket to, you know, a high-end dealer tool like some of our clients sell, it's just not right.

I could not agree more. So the last question I have is why did you choose us specifically? Why partner with accessiBe.

It was mainly the AI part and just the ease of it. I've looked obviously and tried a lot of the different tools just by going on the websites that use them. And I just think for me, just with that, because I've got ADHD and Dyslexia, I used accessiBe particularly, and

I thought, wow, this is good. So I just thought it was easier for me.

I've tried it. I've asked a lot of our team to try the different tools without any bias and then as well with our clients. And it just always seems to sway in the way of accessiBe, just in terms of ease of use.

Thank you. Any particular features you like?

The bar for the ADHD, that's brilliant. I don't think I am ever going to stop using it.

Awesome. Well, I could not be happier to hear that you're supportive, and we’re very, very happy to have you as a partner.