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How can I edit website owner information for accessWidget (for the accessibility statement)?

When you register a domain with accessWidget, you receive an accessibility statement that declares your website’s compliance and ongoing maintenance efforts. Every website needs website owner information for this purpose. 

The following steps are relevant for active accounts, to edit, update, or change the name of the Website Owner, as it will appear in the accessibility statement, whether it’s the same as the account holder information or not.

1. Log in to your account by clicking on ‘Account’ in the top right corner of the accessiBe home page.

Screenshot of instruction

2. Click on the ‘accessWidget’ option on the main menu.

Image of dashboard

3. Choose the website that you want to edit website owner information for. Then click on ‘Manage’ at the far right of the row.

Image of dashboard

4.  From within the website management window, locate where it says ‘Website owner’s contact info’. Fill in the updated information and click on ‘Save Contact Info’.

Image of dashboard