2024 New Year’s Resolutions Shaping the Nonprofit Future

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From outreach and fundraising to volunteering and resource development, these are some of our favorite nonprofit-focused New Year’s Resolutions.

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We all have New Year’s resolutions. The New Year allows us to set new goals, recommit to old passions, overcome challenges, or apply lessons learned to the year ahead. Resolutions act as catalysts for transformation and growth and provide us with the experience of a fresh start when the clock strikes midnight. 

In the world of disability-focused nonprofit organizations, New Year’s Resolutions don’t just ignite a renewed sense of purpose but also inspire initiatives, events, and opportunities to promote disability inclusion, support, and awareness. 

accessiBe’s nonprofit partners are some of the biggest go-getters out there! They’re bound to spend 2024 really focusing on their resolutions, and we know they’ll create more change in their communities than ever before. From outreach and fundraising to volunteering and resource development, these organizations have their sights set on accomplishing some impressive feats. 

Here are some of our favorite nonprofit-focused New Year’s Resolutions. 

Marketing for the future  

The 2026 Special Olympics USA Games will be here before we know it and this year, Special Olympics will use 2024 to focus on its killer marketing efforts for the huge event bringing together local programs from all across the country. Special Olympics also aims to greatly expand its community during 2024 by celebrating its inclusive Champions and their amazing stories, all of which make the Special Olympics USA Games possible. (Photo by Phil Ellsworth / ESPN Images)

Special olympic athlete is wearing a jersey and holding up their finger to say #1

Going on new adventures  

Catalyst Sports is a nonprofit organization that gives people with physical disabilities access to life-changing adventures within supportive and inclusive communities across 11 locations in the Southeast. This year, Catalyst will expand its overnight adventure programs and climbing, mountain biking, and kayaking events to improve the quality of life (and daily excitement!) for athletes with disabilities.

Big data will be a big deal  

Madison House Autism Foundation works to improve the health and well-being of adults on the spectrum throughout the lifespan and across the United States. In 2024, Madison House will build on the success of their 2023 “Autism After 21” Utah community inclusion project which gathered groundbreaking, housing-specific data on the inclusion needs and preferences of autistic adults and their family members. The organization will spend the next year collaborating with community members, local leaders, and advocates to create solutions based on the data. 

A booth that displays the name "Madison House Autism Foundation" is being surrounded by people at a conference

From their mouths to our ears 

Disability Rights Arkansas, an organization that protects and advocates for the civil and legal rights of people with disabilities, has launched a new podcast for 2024! It’s called “Including You: A Disability Rights Arkansas Podcast” and offers answers to burning accessibility questions, insights on career and care, and even the nuances of love life with a disability. 

Always improving by removing barriers 

Step Up For Mental Health serves the needs of its clients who seek support through the organization’s Helpline. 2024 will bring an increased number of staff members to Step Up for Mental Health so they can provide better service to their clients. Even though Step Up For Mental Health already prioritizes access with closed captioning and web accessibility, they want to improve accessibility overall and be able to assist every family who reaches out to them without barriers.

A person in a purple shirt standing at a conference booth with goodie bags that say "Step Up for Mental Health"

A change of lifestyle 

Pleasant View Inc. is a nonprofit based in Virginia that supports individuals with disabilities to achieve meaningful work, relationship, and spiritual development opportunities. 2024 will be the year that Pleasant View realigns one of its residential programs into a more independent community living program setting. Using intensive transitional support and training for individuals with disabilities, the organization will transform a group home into a more independent program that boosts independence and confidence. 

A makeover is in the works  

The TSC Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding a cure for tuberous sclerosis complex (TSC). This year, TSC Alliance will be celebrating its 50th anniversary! The organization will undergo a rebranding; it will introduce new mission and vision statements, begin implementing a new five-year strategic plan, and debut its new website. TSC Alliance also looks forward to partnering with accessiBe to make sure its new website is accessible and easy to use for everyone.

Young boy in a wheelchair is outside on a field and being handed a soccer ball

Taking training to the next level 

New Leaf Inc., an organization employing adults with disabilities in Washington state, will spend 2024 working within their respective communities to raise awareness for equal access to civic entities. New Leaf will conduct hands-on training with several Assisted Listening Devices for the Oak Harbor Chamber of Commerce, Fire Department, Police Station, and Courthouse. Once its initial Office training has been held, the organization will coordinate with the Hearing Loss Association of America to use its office as a “proof of concept” so that other organizations visit New Leaf and see how they implement assisted living technology.

Resources will be more accessible 

Family Hope Foundation is dedicated to providing West Michigan families and children with disabilities with access to therapies, resources, and events. Their 2024 resolution is to grow its staff so that it can give more families scholarships that ease financial burdens and allow children with disabilities to continue receiving the therapy they need to help them reach their full potential. Many therapies and interventions have little or no insurance coverage, resulting in significant financial strain for families and Family Hope Foundation wants to rectify that. 

A time for action 

New Year's Resolutions are more than just ordinary goals. They’re a benchmark and inspiration for the progress of nonprofits. These resolutions, which stem from commitment and passion, offer inspiration to all disability-focused nonprofit organizations to redefine their missions and engage with their communities in more meaningful ways. Let's celebrate the power of New Year's Resolutions and wish all of our nonprofit partners the best of luck in achieving their plans. We know you can do it!