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How to install accessWidget on a BigCommerce website

Install accessWidget on your BigCommerce site using the script manager and make your website accessible and compliant.

To install accessWidget on your BigCommerce site

1. In your BigCommerce dashboard, select Storefront.

Screenshot of instruction

2. Select Script Manager and then click Create a script.

Screenshot of instruction

3. Add a name for the script and a description.

4. Select the following:

  • Placement: select Footer
  • Location: select All pages
  • Script category: select Essential
  • Script type: select Script

Screenshot of create script

5. In the Script contents field, paste the installation code you received from us when you registered your site for our service. If you do not have an installation code go to your accessiBe account, click Installation and copy the installation code. You can also customize your widget to match your brand's design in the Customized Installation section.

Screenshot of instruction

6. After pasting the script, click Save.

Screenshot of instruction

Good work! You've installed accessWidget, making your site accessible.

Note: It's also possible to add accessWidget by editing your theme's template files (advanced).

For more information see our Website Onboarding Guide and follow the instructions to ensure proper installation and performance.